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REVIEW: Bad Times at the El Royale
Posted on Sunday October 14, 2018

Taking a well-established genre and putting a personal take on it is a hard thing to achieve. I remember watching The Cabin in the Woods and loving every bit of it because director Drew Goddard was able to take everything I loved about horror movies and flip it on its head. All of the tropes were...

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REVIEW: First Man (2018)
Posted on Sunday October 14, 2018

Based on a book of the same title by James R. Hansen, First Man tells the story of Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon. The film opens with Armstrong piloting a plane into the atmosphere in a rather intense scene, then quickly transitions into Neil’s home life with his family....

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Real name
Stephen Schwab

Posted on Monday March 04, 2019

Practical Blogs with regard to ESL Individuals Improving proficiency in english actually easy. There are so many exceptions to the grammar rules, peculiar pairings of vowels in addition to consonants, the dreaded “th” audio that’s common all through the expressions… Read More

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