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REVIEW: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (2018)
Posted on Thursday October 11, 2018

For what felt like the longest time, I was a die-hard fan of Ubisoft’s sandbox action-adventure game series, Assassin’s Creed. Their blend of exploration-focused gameplay with enticing stealth and battle mechanics were an instant hit for the type of gaming experience that I was looking for. Unfortunately, as befalls many a publisher these days, sales...

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REVIEW: A Star is Born (2018)
Posted on Wednesday October 10, 2018

Some movies get remade because studios believe that nostalgia can squeeze more money out of a property, other movies get remade because a director sees a way to add something new to an already established story; A Star is Born is definitely in that latter category. We’ve seen this movie done several times, but with Bradley...

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PHÁ ĐẢO mọi phân khúc ….Suzuki tung bốn “BOM TẤN” cực KHỦNG ra mắt ngay trong tuần tới !
Posted on Friday November 02, 2018

Bốn mẫu xe của Suzuki sẽ ra mắt tại EICMA 2018 bao gồm Suzuki Katana, GSX-R1000 2019, RM-Z250 2019 và GSX-S750 35kW.Từ ngày 8 – 11/11 tới đây, triển lãm mô tô xe máy Milan – EICMA 2018 sẽ chính… Read More

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